Contraceptions Role in the November Election

The following is my res ponce to a question that was presented to me concerning the role contraception will play in the upcoming elections, in light of the Hobby Lobby case, and whether it will play a large role:

Unfortunately I believe the issue of birth control will influence the vote in November. I say this for two main reasons; the climate surrounding sanctity of life issues (this inevitably encompasses birth control) has become increasingly agitated in the last year with the passing of strong “pro-life” bills. Texas finds itself in the center of this discussion after the controversial passing of HB2, or the infamous omnibus bill of the last legislative session. Because there has been a strong wave of “pro-life” movement in the last year I believe there will be a reaction, like the snapping back of a rubber band, from the other side of this discussion. I believe the vehicle that will be used is the issue of birth control. As mentioned in the question, this does get a bit murky when it comes to religion, but I think it is important to understand a couple issues before moving on to my second point. First of all, not all religions particularly evangelical Christians, believe birth control is wrong. Catholics practice NFP (Natural Family Planning) in which the use of birth control is prohibited by the church. This method is affective due to the use of the “rhythm” technique. In evangelicalism there is a wide spectrum of beliefs stretching from all birth control is sinful to only the use of mechanical methods are allowed, and everything in between. Sadly, there is a percentage of evangelicalism that believes abortion is acceptable, but this rabbit trails into another discussion entirely. Secondly, not all methods of birth control actually prevent pregnancy. In fact two leading birth control pills (Yasmin and Seasonique, but there is a growing list) are classified as abortifacient. In short, these pills work in two ways: prevention and the creation of a hostile environment (produces a miscarriage). What this means is 99% of the time the pill does its job at preventing conception, however there is the small percentage where ovulation does occur and a pregnancy is started. The pill then ends this pregnancy, or aborts the process. This is an issue that impacts conservative evangelicals.
My second point, I believe contraception will take center stage because the voting public is not well enough informed to pay attention to other issues that play larger roles in national security and budgeting. The boarder is a mess, the world is a tinder box, and sadly the powers that be will influence the general public into believing birth control is more important than safety and national debt that is over $17.6 trillion.
As I close, I want to point out; no one is forcing people to work for Hobby Lobby. If employees do not like the outcome of the SCOTUS ruling they should resign their possition and find a place of employment that better suits them. The people need to understand, it becomes quite dangerous for the government to increase what they can demand a company to do, and provide. The logical conclusion of this would be the dismantling of the free market and capitalism as a whole.


About calebfleming

Caleb is the Senior Pastor of North Oaks Baptist Church in Spring, TX. He is married to Gwen, and dad to Colton and Noah.
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